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Welcome November 28, 2007

Posted by Barbara in Gamer Mom.

This blog is a small way to let family and friends (and even random internet friends) into my world.   Of course, most of the world goes by and couldn’t care less what I think or what I’m up to.  A very, very few wonderful people might be at least once-in-a-while interested.  And I’m hopeful that once in a while, I might say something that encourages someone else, makes their lives a little brighter or a little easier; maybe lets them know they aren’t alone dealing with the feelings and problems that we share as imperfect but wondrous beings in this world.

The goal:  to share thoughts about life, including (gasp!) politics, kids, sea critters and the somewhat eclectic fun that happens in our everyday world.   Feel free to share your own ideas as well.  I reserve the option of moderating comments to maintain a constructive conversation.  (A lesson well-learned from online gaming.  🙂  )

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