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A blog renewed April 1, 2010

Posted by Barbara in Art.

I had great intentions.  Really!

This blog was to chronicle my learning about internet from what was a new perspective for me – gaming with my kids.    I discovered that internet and its myriad manifestations have created for us a new world that is simultaneously  smaller and larger.   There have been so many things to learn – and it’s been a blessing to get to see some of them through my sons’ eyes as well as my own.   I’ve made friends – some quite good “real” friends that I’ve never met in the real world.  I’ve felt the down side of gaming – the shadow of internet addiction, along with many, many positive and creative interactions.   I’ve grown from the experiences – not always without pain, but that’s how growth happens sometimes.

I wish I’d kept up with the log so it would have been captured in real time – but now is now and maybe the time for blogging has finally come.     Since the world is changing around us as quickly as we are changing ourselves, the topics are likely to be pretty broad.  Anything, in fact, that I feel a nudge to express an opinion about as well as forays into the fun and frustrations of life.

Maybe I’ll be fortunate to find someone out there interested on occasion.  If not – that’s okay, too.  The journaling will be a worthy exercise.  So, welcome (again) to my world!



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