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Goodbye, Canada…….Days 9 and 10 July 1, 2010

Posted by Barbara in Life, Northern Tier, Scouting.

Days one and two

Days three and four

Days five and six

Days seven and eight

Day nine:

It’s our last full day on the water!  Unbelievable that it’s come so fast!  We’re ready to go and sorry to leave, all at the same time.

There were about a dozen turtle eggs in the water just off the point of our campsite.   We found the nest, the only soft dirt spot on the rock outcropping.  It had a nice southern exposure to keep the eggs warm.  There were broken egg shells in the nest area, so we imagined a critter of some kind had found it.  The mama painted turtle was watching us from the water – wanting to climb back up to the nest, but we were there.  So she kept her distance.  I was hopeful she’d come back and rebuild the nest overnight, but she didn’t.  I’m sorry it was disturbed.  I’ll bet it isn’t easy to find a spot to nest around here.

The first treat of the day was a little series of rapids in the Eye River.  Not fast whitewater, which we would have portaged, but fast current and tricky paddling for newcomers at any rate.  There were a group of 5 of them called the floatable five.    The low water level this spring made them not quite as floatable as I expect they might have been in other years.  We walked the canoe a good bit.  Brady was enjoying the lighter weight Kevlar, tho.

We had a very short portage around a waterfall.  The instructions were to go up the hill to the road, turn left (not right – which would take you to the top of the falls) and then in about 6 – 10 feet, turn to the right to finish the portage trail.    I was bringing up the rear, as usual, and when I got to the other end, one of the portage packs was missing – along with its boy.   I sent a couple of boys to help, thinking he must be just around the corner.   After a while, with none of the boys back, Brady went looking for them.    The missing pack was about 1/2 mile down the logging road we had crossed at the top of the portage.   The boy was a bit further down.    It took about an hour to bring them all back and get loaded up.      Our crew leader decided that thereafter we needed to stay within sight of each other and be more certain of having a buddy on the portage trail.  He was a good crew leader.

We got to our last camp early on.  It rained – again – but this time, the most perfect rainbow finished our week for us.   The entire arc of the rainbow was encompassed in the lake in front of us and we could see where both ends touched the water.   Awesome.

We had a great evening and Brady promised a 4:30 wake up call to any who wanted to watch the sunrise on the lake on our last morning.

Day ten:

I got up at about 4:00 as the world began to brighten.  Most of the boys got up to watch the sun, then we went back to sleep until Brady called again at 7:15.  Then breakfast and on the water.  We have one long portage today, then rivers down to Perch Lake and across the lake to base camp.  The port went well and and comparatively easy.  The river was fun – but we could see clouds building all morning.  We hurried to try to get into home base before the storm broke.     If we heard thunder before we were near base, we’d have to pull off the water and wait it out.  No-one wanted to do that.  They were anxious to find the showers.  So we pushed on.

As we rounded the last point on Perch Lake and could see the base ahead of us, it started to rain and it rained us all the way in.  But we also saw our sister crew coming in!  They had waited until they saw us coming and then left their last camp on Perch Lake – so it was a race to base camp!   Very nice to see them so quickly and pull in together!

We checked in the gear and the canoes, got a shower and CLEAN clothes!!! and walked down to a lodge nearby for a ‘real’ hamburger for lunch.  The lady at Marrs Lodge was sweet to visit with and appreciated the company.   Later that evening, the staff put on a really great Trapper’s Rendezvous show for us, including skits by our own crews.  It was a great ending to a really awesome week!

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.   ~John Muir



1. mark tyra - July 11, 2010

so nice to see my nephew through another man’s eys. great man he is.
mark tyra

Sea - July 11, 2010

You have much to be proud of in Brady. So glad we were blessed with his friendship for our time there. 🙂

2. Dianna - July 5, 2010

How wonderful! I don’t even enjoy camping, but you make me want to go to explore the Canadian wilderness!

3. Dianna - July 5, 2010

So wonderful! What a great once in a lifetime trip! I don’t even like camping and that sounded so interesting and fun!

Sea - July 5, 2010

Thanks! It was really awesome, in the truest meaning of that word.. I’m so glad I got to go!

Now, back to the gym so I can be hopefully a little more ready for whatever comes next.

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