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Living STRONG March 24, 2011

Posted by Barbara in Life, LiveSTRONG.

I’ve been sporting a new yellow wristband recently. It’s a reminder of why I’m putting in gym time,  planting a garden and generally trying to simplify my lifestyle. It keeps me motivated and helps me stay aware of the bigger picture.

If you don’t know, LiveSTRONG is the cancer support network of Lance Armstrong’s foundation. If you or anyone you know is affected by any type of cancer, check them out. The resources they have available are absolutely awesome. Don’t just glance at the website, either. Watch the videos. Call and talk to a real person. It’s mind-boggling the kind of real-people helping real people network they have.

Like many of you, cancer has touched my family more than once.   We’ve survived prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer.  I lost an aunt to breast cancer and one to ovarian cancer.  An uncle died of lung cancer.  My cousin’s son was lost to testicular cancer.  And I have many dear friends who are cancer survivors.

Each of those family and friends would be worthy of a commitment to health and to understanding and beating that disease.  But that isn’t really why I started wearing the band.


LiveSTRONG is about much more than cancer. It’s about attitude. It’s about claiming life and taking responsibility for how you live it. It’s about setting goals and making them happen. It’s about helping other people do it, too.  And I can appreciate all that.

Last fall, my son developed a migraine variant that has caused him constant, daily, debilitating pain.  It took 4 months to diagnose and another 2 to begin to find solutions for it, and I realized that health really isn’t just about doctors and insurance. It’s about attitude. It’s about overcoming.  It’s about taking responsibility for your own life, making the hard choices, and taking action. It’s about trying alternatives and thinking independently.  It’s about family and friends. It’s about helping other people find their potential and live up to it.

‘J’ has been learning and doing those things; pushing through the hurt to reclaim his life.  I’ve been learning, too.   And wearing a really cool yellow wristband.

“You don’t have to settle. It’s simply a choice you make every day.”  ~ Mark and Angel Hack Life



1. Dianna - March 29, 2011

I love your positive attitude! I also love all of the quotes you use that seem to sum everything up so perfectly!

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