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It isn’t simple to simplify August 26, 2011

Posted by Barbara in Life.

One of my recurring New Year’s resolutions is to simplify my life. Simply put, we have too much junk.

I often feel just that way about the ever-present clutter in my world.   I’m a world class saver of all potentially useful stuff.  Dutiful daughter of survivors of the last Great Depression.  No, that does not read:  hoarder.  My ‘collection’ has value.  Sort of.

Every now and then I go on a spree trying to thin out the abundance. I make runs to the local charities with outgrown clothes and still-playable games and unused kitchen gadgets.  But the thing I find it hardest to let go of are the books. I’ve had shelves and closets and boxes of books for all age levels and interests.  I collected children’s books for my kids until they thought I was trying to start my own library and, I’m proud to say, they all learned to read.  I still have most of them.  The books, that is.  The kids  just wouldn’t stay where I put them.

During the summer, I made a real effort to reduce the collection enough that I could leave J with only one bookcase in his bedroom. For some reason, he thought it important to have a desk and a computer.  Most of the books we moved out ended up in stacks on my bedroom floor.

I’m working on it. I am.

But I’m quite sure I’ll need my old Navajo language books from my college days again. And if not, well…..they hold so many memories! And so many undelivered dreams.

And, yes, we really do still grab old National Geo’s to spend an evening with – as though they were old friends who had just been waiting for a turn at our attention. The complete compilation on CD just doesn’t do it for me.

That’s what a 32 year collection looks like.

And it stays.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.   ~Cicero



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