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The hero within November 16, 2011

Posted by Barbara in LiveSTRONG.

“You have to climb a mountain before you can enjoy the view.” ~ via Marc and Angel Hack Life

Sometimes doers of heroic deeds find themselves in a public spotlight, and many times the stardom that follows overshadows the truly heroic effort.   We focus attention on the end result to create super-star moments.  We remember only the victor’s hands raised in glory.  Sadly, this makes it difficult to see the long, persistent struggle that finally resulted in that moment – and that likely continues on a daily basis long after the attention has vanished.    And we believe that mere mortals such as ourselves can scarcely hope to attain that victory.

In reality, heroism is deeply ingrained in each of us.  It germinates when life hands us the most difficult moments, pushing tenuously through our being like a seedling struggling to break the crust of soil and find the light.  And it blossoms as we trudge through the frightening, heart-rending moments to conquer our own pain and fears and find the strength to stand despite it all.

We look at ourselves standing there, covered with dirt, sweat, blood and tears and we don’t see a hero; just a real person doing his best to make it through.

If you’re there right now, know that your inner hero is showing.  And the light is giving the rest of us courage to keep on fighting, too.

You are the hero we most need.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”    ~ Winston Churchill



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